Twitter Head Quarters London

Installation shots for Twitter Head Quarters London

FD Creative were excited to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Twitter in designing their new London Head Quarters. 

With a company like twitter branding and image were paramount and FD Creative were tasked with delivering a modern lighting scheme which reflected their image whilst also maintaining excellent energy savings within the scheme through the latest lighting technologies.

We worked closely with Twitter directly and their design team to produce a modern and hip lighting designs which consisted of mixed use spaces such as their Restaurant which was also to be used for Web seminars, presentations and as a general socialising space. Open plan office areas, Bar, Libary, Meeting Rooms and VC Rooms .

The project recently won the interiors-office 8th Annual International Design Award 2015 

Architect / Interior Designer: Interior Architects 

Project Manager: DTZ

Main Contractor: Blue


Concept Images

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Installation shots for Twitter HQ London 

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